Serviced Plots

SULSDEC Housing Communities

SULSDEC has acquired a total of over 30 hectors of prime urban land. We have over 400 plots for residential/housing development.

Across Shire in Area 49 (click here to see on Google map). These plots are 15m by 30m (450 square metres on average). We also have commercial, institutional and religious vacant plots in the settlement (click here to apply). The company provides water, electricity and an excellent vehicular accessible road to all plots. Due to floatation and instability of Kwacha, our plot prices are floated against the US dollar but payable in Malawi Kwacha at the selling rate of NBS Bank of the day such payment is made. One plot (15m x 30) is going at US$ 1,500.00 only. Check today's exchange rate at ( using the selling rate . The remaining balance is payable in 6 months time or you might suggest a payment plan which is comfortable to you based on your income or commitments. The plots are officially allocated once the balance is fully paid (click here to read the procedure in the attachment).

Other areas are still under development-(check this space for regular updates). You also qualify to get a 30% discount for a house designs (Architectural Designs) if you buy a plot from us.