About Us

About The Company

Malawi is one of countries in the world with high urbanization rate. This high movement of people from rural to urban areas has overwhelmed the capacity of government to properly plan and provide adequate shelter for new urban migrants. The low income and the poor are the most vulnerable as they can hardly secure adequate shelter, let alone have access to land for shelter development. This scenario has resulted into uncontrollable sprawl of informal/slum settlements in all Malawi urban areas. Most prime land has been squatted upon or is under the threat of encroachment. The scarcity of well planned and serviced land does not only affect the low income. In Malawi, even middle and high income earners face similar challenges. In short, Malawians have resources to invest in shelter development but the formal systems of land and shelter delivery have not been able cope with demand. As a result, most people resort to develop informally by purchasing unplanned and un-serviced land from traditional leaders in the urban peripherals. The developers are often turned down due to insecurity of the land tenure. In most cases, the traditional leaders and informal land vendors resale the same piece of land to different buyers with high offers. These scenarios have negatively affected investments in shelter development in the country.
Sustainable Urban Land and Shelter Development Consultants (SULSDEC), a registered Limited Liability Company, has been established to complement Malawi government's efforts to provide well planned land for shelter development to urban dwelling Malawians. The company is composed of qualified and experienced Architects, Urban/Town Planners, Engineers, Land Surveyors, Quantity Surveyors, Physical Planners, Building Construction Team (with expert brick layers, carpenters, tile fitters, high quality finishers etc). It also has Accountants, Legal Counsel, Development Management and Control Officers, Estate Management Team and Urban Research Team. These have been tailored to support urban residents (with special attention to the poor, women, elderly and the vulnerable) to own adequate shelter/house or building or an affordable plot of land in urban Malawi.

Our Vision

To be an entity that enables all Malawians have easy access to affordable land and housing in safe, secure, and decent urban communities.

About The Staff

SULSDEC is a built environment team composed of qualified and experienced Architects, Urban/Town Planners, Engineers, Land Surveyors, Quantity Surveyor, Physical Planners, Building Contractors(with expert brick layers, carpenters, tile fitters, high quality finishes), accountants and lawyers that have come together with a common passion to support you own a house you can afford (or at least a plot of land to build your own house)in urban Malawi based on your income. The team is determined to support you get easy access to registered land where you can build your own house or we can actually build a complete house for you.

Nicholson Kumwenda (CEO)

Nicholson is an experienced Architect and Urban Planner with Masters Degree in Architecture and Urbanism (with Distinction) from the University of Manchester. He also holds a Bachelors Degree in Architectural Studies (with Distinction) from the University of Malawi. He is an all rounder with vast experience in designing and implementation of mass housing. He had previously worked for Kamwaza Design Partnership as a graduate architect before joining Centre for Community Organisation and Development (CCODE) as the Program Manager for Land and Housing. Nicholson has a track record of designing and implementing over six communities with over 2500 houses across the country. These include housing under Home Ownership run by the Ministry of Lands Housing and Urban Development. He is the founding member of SULSDEC.

Molani Zgambo (Director of Finance & Administration)

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Misheck Chapasuka (Executive Marketing Director)

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(Chief Land Surveyor)

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Moffat Ngwira (Marketing and Administration Department)

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Other Staff Members

Architectural Technicians

We have five architectural technicians of which two are graduate architects and three are SULDEC trained.

Quantity Surveyors

SULSDEC has two full time Quantity Surveying technicians.

Land Planners

We have two full-time urban planners specialized in development on new housing communities.

Structural Engineers

The company has two graduate engineering technicians.


SULSDEC has one project account.