Fees Scale For House Designs


Type of The Building Price Per Square Metre of Floor Area Comments
Residential Single Storey (House Designs) MK806.56/square metre The fees is for complete Architectural Design only
Residential Multi-Storey (House Designs) MK1,375.89/square metre for ground floor area and MK589.26/square metre for area of upper floors The fees is for complete Architectural Design only

Production of Detailed Bills of Quantities and Priced Labour Management Schedules

SULSDEC has skilled quantity surveyors that produce and deliver detailed Priced Bills of Quantities and site Labour Management Schedules for designs. This enables our clients to manage their construction sites with ease. It also allows the company to build projects for our clients both domestically and abroad. Unlike other Quantity Surveyors that give general information or approximate figures, our team is trained to give specific details of materials, quantities and where one can purchase them. We also do an analytical breakdown of required labour cost.
SULSDEC breaks down material components in phases of construction such as foundation, superstructure, roofing, finishes etc. This system is tailor-made to Malawian developers who gradually build their housing based on their income. The uniqueness of our Priced Bills of Quantities is that it is user friendly that enables one to check progress of constructed work against material input, hence making it difficult for anyone to divert building materials on site (even one nail is accountable in our system). Our Bills of Quantities can best be described as a Special Construction Site Management Tool that even a lay person can use to check the quality and progress of all construction works. SULSDEC is the only development company that has this material tracking tool in Malawi.
This tool has enabled us construct many private houses for Malawians living abroad that had no capacity back home to invest in housing.