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What We Do Best

The company is one of few of its kind or if at all is the the first of its kind. The people are dedicated because they love doing what the business is expected them to do.

News For Diaspora People

The company supports people in Diaspora who want to build house(s) in Malawi. SULSDEC will not only support you to acquire land in a well planned community, but also support you to produce architectural design of your dream house. We further do exceptional and artistic landscape and interior designs. SULSDEC supports you in the production of priced Bills of Quantities that helps you to know how much materials you are supposed to buy for your house. Our bills of Quantities will further inform you on detailed labour costs for each phase of your house. This will enable you construct your house gradually as you find resource. We at SULSDEC can further support you to construct your house. We are specialist in housing development. Contact us for more information.

Who We Are...

Sustainable Urban Land and Shelter Development Consultants Limited (SULSDEC Green Villages) is a registered limited liability company that started its operations in April of 2013. The company was established to complement Malawi government's efforts to provide well planned and secured urban land for housing development. We sell prime vacant plots for residential and commercial purposes (...please click here to see one of the areas under development).
). The company also supports Malawians living in diaspora to secure prime urban land for residential as well as commercial investments.

Our Capacity...

SULSDEC Green Villages is composed of qualified and experienced Architects, Urban/Town Planners, Engineers, Land Surveyors, Quantity Surveyors, Physical Planners, and Building Construction Team (with expert brick layers, carpenters, tile fitters, high quality finishers etc.). It also has Accountants, Legal Counsel, Development Management and Control Officers, Estate Management Team and Urban Research Team. This team is tailor-designed to support individuals and households of all income groups, especially the middle and high income, to own value appreciating prime property in urban Malawi. SULSDEC Green Villages is determined to support you get easy access to secured and registered land where you can build your own house or we can actually build a complete house for you. All our plots are designed to be serviced with piped water, electricity, and road networks and other services (...to apply for a plot click here).

Our Residential Communities ...

The Company secures lots of hectors of prime urban land in order to develop sustainable residential communities that are safe, comfortable, adequate and friendly. These communities are designed to ensure happiness of your family. All our sustainable communities are well planned with low and medium and high density zones with excellent pedestrian, vehicular and cycling road networks. The communities are designed with public facilities such as medical clinics, schools (including nursery and primary), commercial zones where you can get most of your needs within a short walking distance. All our communities are closely networked with public transport and you are likely to get a public transport within a short waiting time. All our fully developed housing areas are designed to be well lit with street lights to ensure maximum security for your family and property.

The Value of Your Property...

The quality and security our Green Villages is of paramount importance to us. We strive to maintain high quality neighbourhoods so that your property value appreciates with market forces. Above all, we strive to ensure your wellbeing so that you have a great and memorable experience of living/investing in our Green Villages.



Sulsdec is a private developer that specialises in land planning, development control, property development and real estate. The proprietors are ultimately driven by a passion to create sustainable Malawi urban communities and stop continuous blooming of informal settlements in Malawi.

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Sulsdec will purchase or enter into agreement with Land Lords to develop land and property in the major cities of Malawi including blooming urban centres across the country.